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$ 5,200.00

3Z RF Aligner RF Antenna Alignment Tool



Great Condition

3Z Telecom Model - 3ZRFA1000 Rated: 11.1V VDC 1800mA Made in USA This tool improves network performance for both panel antennas and microwave systems. Through GPS technology, it has the ability to measure Azimuth, Tilt, Roll and AGL measurements. This eliminates the need for a compass, GPS, and range finder with one compact product. For microwave technology, it has the ability to measure the microwave path and microwave path target data. For ground inspections, the 3Z RF Aligner ensures antennas are meeting target specifications. It is built for simple interface and lightweight transportation up the tower.


1.  4.3″ TFT Touch Screen

User interface touch screen for viewing and saving measurements results

2.  Mounting Knob

Used to attach the 3Z RF Aligner to the antenna clamp

3.  Rubber Cover

Used to protect USB and charging ports from dust and moisture

4.  Mini USB Port

Used to retrieve saved measurement reports from the 3Z RF Aligner

5.  Charging Port

Used to charge the lithium-ion battery in the 3Z RF Aligner

6.  Sighting Guides

Used together with the monopod to remotely verify antenna azimuth

7. GPS Antennas

Used to display azimuth, LAT, LON, height, date and time

8. On/Off Switch

Used to power the 3Z RF Aligner on and off. Blue light indicates unit is on

9. Carrying Handle

Used to carry the 3Z RF Aligner

10. Monopod Attachment Hole

Used to attach the monopod to the 3Z RF Aligner

11. Carabiner Attachment

Used to attach a carabiner to the device in case unit is dropped


The 3Z RF Aligner was designed for RF Engineers as well. During site inspections, site troubleshooting, and new site design most RF Engineers carry a compass, GPS, and a range finder. The 3Z RF Aligner replaces all these devices, making field visits a breeze.


The 3Z RF Aligner was designed by RF engineers. During site inspections, site troubleshooting and new site design, most RF Engineers carry a compass, GPS and a range finder. The 3Z RF Aligner replaces all these devices, making field visits a breeze.

Ensure Proper 4G Antenna Integration and Performance

When 4G antennas are installed, the 3Z RF Aligner helps the RF engineers ensure Antenna azimuth is within target specifications.
Note: A magnetic compass cannot be used on most rooftops. The 3Z RF Aligner can be used anywhere a GPS signal is available.



Heading: <0.75° RMS*

Tilt/Roll: <0.5° RMS*



*Depends on multipath environment, number of satellites in view, satellite geometry and ionospheric activity.

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