Posted by Kayla Ostrov

At launch 3 we manufacture Galvanized u bolt assemblies which are currently online for the retail price of $2.25 plus tax, shipping, and handling fees. Our U-bolt assemblies are assembled from hot dip galvanized steel and built to last. The hot dip galvanized U-bolt is used to attach pipes to a variety of structures. The hardware assembly includes flat washers, lock washers and hex nuts. The item is measured at 3.75 in. wide x 0.50 in. high x 5.25 in. deep.  The weight is 0.39 lbs. with a volume of 9.84 cubic in. According to our company, “We stand by our products and are committed to your satisfaction." There is also a warranty and hassle free return policy with the purchase of each item. For any further information needed regarding this product, the customer service department may be reached at 877-878-9134 between 9am and 5pm. Order you galvanized U-bolt assembly today!
Galvanized U-bolt Assembly - 80 per box