Posted by Kayla Ostrov

Launch 3 is the makers of the Butyl Rubber Rolls, which are currently standing at the retail price of $1.75 plus tax, shipping, and handling fees. Butyl rubber is very resistant to most gases, sunlight, alkalis, acids, ozone, oxidation, elemental extremes and aging. Butyl rubber is normally used for weatherproofing and electrical insulation, but can also be used in many different applications. Once it’s applied, the butyl rubber tape is airtight and holds up against tearing and abrasions. The Products dimensions are measured at 1.50 in. wide x 1.50 in. high x 3.25 in. deep. The volume is 7.31 cubic in. with a weight of 0.18 lbs. At launch 3, we are committed to our customer’s satisfaction and stand by our products. With every item purchased, there is also a warranty and hassle free return policy included. The customer service department may be reached at 877-878-9134 if any further information is needed. Order your Butyl rubber rolls today!

Butyl Rubber Rolls - 200 per case