Posted by Justin Pollack

Launch 3 is the manufacturer of the Vinyl Threaded Rod Protection Caps, of which the current online retail price stands at $5.00 plus tax, shipping, and handling fees. One hundred safety caps are included in each bag. The product comes in either black or red color. This product serves as an end cap to protect the ends of threaded rods. In terms of the product's dimensions, the item is measured at 5.00 in. wide x 1.00 in. high x 5.00 in. deep.Its volume is 25.00 cubic in. with a weight of 0.17 lbs. According to the seller, "We stand by our products and are committed to your satisfaction." As such, there is a warranty and a hassle free return policy included with the purchase of each item. The Customer Service Department may be contacted for any further additional questions or information required regarding this product. The department may be reached at 877-878-9134 from 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time. Order your protection caps today and protect the quality of your threaded rods entirely.
Vinyl Threaded Rod Protection Caps. 100/Bag - Red and Black