Launch 3 is one of the country’s top purchasers of wireless telecom equipment. Get more for your excess inventory, overstock items and legacy systems today!

Why Partner With Launch 3?

  • Maximize the value of your unused or end of life assets
  • Recoup costs or generate cash
  • Free up your internal resources and overhead needed to sell this equipment
  • Avoid any complex regulatory or recycling issues
  • Eliminate unnecessary maintenance, transportation and storage costs
  • Utilize our team of experts and industry professionals to pick up, warehouse and value your equipment


  1. Submit a request for quote form below
  2. One of our expert asset recovery team members will provide you with a free cost analysis and offer one of our three services: direct purchase, recycle or consignment
  3. A formal purchase order is issued


After one of the Launch 3 team members performs a free cost analysis, your excess equipment may be viable for direct purchase. At this time, you will be immediately contacted with a fair market quote.


Sometimes, unused or antiquated equipment is deemed unavailable for resale. Launch 3 is always ready to relieve you of unwanted telecom equipment, recycling the parts free of charge. We may even be able to pick up your equipment for free, too.


If our purchasing team determines that there is no immediate need, an offer of consignment can be made. After receiving your equipment, we will market the products to our customers. Over time, this option will yield a more favorable return.