Launch 3 specializes in the transportation and storage of wireless construction equipment and materials both to and from cell sites in the tri-state area. We offer flexible, scalable and customized solutions to meet the strategic operational needs of our clients.

Site Kitting

Assembling, kitting and integrating efficiently can mean the difference between a successful or failed roll-out schedule. We try to make it as easy as possible for our customers to build a network. That’s why Launch 3 offers kitting, the pre-production process of issuing exactly counted and labeled materials needed to build the assembly you need. Launch 3’s experienced supply chain professionals ensure that you have all the products you need to start and complete your site project on time.

Inventory Management

Having an effective inventory management system in place will help you to speed up your inventory auditing process. The better your system, the quicker your audits will take meaning less disruption to your business. Audits can be less frequent and less complicated with the right system in place. Having a system that tracks your stock figures in real-time, rather than a static system such as a spreadsheet of stock figures will mean that your inventory will be more likely to be accurate. Launch 3 is equipped to help with a range of inventory audit services. Contact us today!

Streamlining Your 3PL Operation

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