Testing Equipment Training

When building, installing, testing or maintaining wireless networks, Launch 3’s Testing Equipment Training is the first step to any successful project. Master all the capabilities of your testing equipment with hands-on, instructor‑led training and certification.

Training is held at Launch 3 Telecom's Corporate Headquarters in Farfield, New Jersey. Please contact us for our On-Site Training
(at your location), group rates & volume discounts.

Give us a call at 877.878.9134 or email us at training@launch3.net to reserve your spot or to inquire about other courses we offer.

Other Courses Also Available:

  • Wireless Tower Climber Safety
  • RF Safety
  • Blood Born Pathogens (AHA)
  • First Aid/CPR (AHA)

Launch 3 works with Turnkey Safety Solutions to provide the best in Wireless Tower Climber Safety training Classes.

Turnkey Safety Solutions LLC (TSS), is a safety and training consulting company that provides a wide variety of solutions to meet the individual needs of our clients. With safety experience in the wireless telecommunications and aviation industries, our team has learned how to ensure a safe work environment for all employees in fast paced, high production and extremely dangerous work places.

Through our partnership with Turnkey, we can also offer the following services:

Compliance and Safety Culture
Accident Investigations and Mitigation
Loss Management

For more information and a free needs analysis, please contact us at 877.878.9134 or email us at training@launch3.net.